Monday, June 4, 2012

CWS has topped off another great night with the Hot Beach Pageant-The Finale

Hi, I am Aquasia AquaJet a new CWS model 2012. I was in Mays class and was invited to entertain with a few of May's students along with DebbieDoo and Vicky Yongbo to lead us for the intermissions of the Hot Beach Pageant The Finale. Modeling is so much more than that of a pretty face. It involves being an artist, having a passion to create and style, dedication to yourself and others to produce great shows and hard work to strive to excellency. I had a blast last night. I am so proud I had joined the elite at Classic With Style and have grown to really love what I have achieved and meeting the most incredible people along the way. Okay so we had four contestants for last nights pageant. Janet Brink, Liberty Lighthouse, Paris Unplugged and Sunrae Suntzu. The pageant was named Hot Beach and the Contestants went with no boundaries..there were very little bikinis with much skin revealed...seductive showstoppers for talent and the finale...some really impressive answers to very difficult questions. I was part-taking in a show but in real life I share my living room with my three little boys. Some of the acts were too riskier and some of the bikinis i had to swing my camera away...It was Hot Hot for my pictures I kept it to a PG rating the best I could. All the ladies were some point backstage I had seen Sunrae's set go up in flames. It was a great experience and hope one day I will get to compete in a pageant. Last night the competition was tough..they all did extremely well. Liberty Lighthouse was the Most Photogenic and placed at third. Janet Brink took second. And for all those flames I mentioned earlier..Sunrae Suntzu owned last night show as the Most Creative and she took home first place!! Congratulation Ladies :) They got to share a big pot of over 200,000L in prizes and lindens! Anrol surprised us all with a after-party!! She gave away a beautiful dress along with entertaining us with a live band named the Dark Brothers Band. The rooms had lighters lit and some of us were shaking down the It was another great night with Classic With Style. Debbie is blowing up the backstage with emitters of flags and stars while she is getting all of us dancers ready and checking over other models to make sure everyone was rezzed. Debbie is always alot of fun and always very helpful..Thankyou Debbie :) Eva who is a fellow model and a friend of mine came to the show to blog. She and her husband just had twins in the morning and brought them along to the show..the beautiful babies are Ava and Aroz Madenwald. You both look so happy...congrats dear friend :) Paris awaiting backstage for her turn..she looks amazing! Liberty Lighthouse is practices her poses to perfection while awaiting. Paris is strikingly gorgeous in a little red bikini and the perfect pose for the audience. Janet is flying us away with her cute bikini and her dreamy white soft fairy wings. Sunrae exquisitely gives the perfect walk in this sweet baby blue bikini. Liberity bares her beautiful skin in a tiny neautral toned bikini. We got to entertain our guest at intermission while the ladies were prepping for the next part in the pageant...What an honor and sooooo much fun! Every Contestant was beautiful and alluring with their talent section and entertained the guest with seduction,pose, props, and a lot of hard work and dedication! My most inspiring and informative answer was from Janet Brink. Her words are exact.. I can not believe this question, it was so tailored for me. This is exactly my goal and please bear with me as I give you a little history of my plan.+ 1. Find a school that would train you, nurture you, challenge you, and had teachers who cared.......CWS. Also take classes at other schools for different insights and ideas, you will also get you name know. CHECK 2. Enter as many styling contest and pageants as was offered, and work hard at perfection for each, which means hours of finding the right clothes and styling them, hour+ for the styling card, and another hour+ to find the perfect poses. This means pushing yourself to be the best, day after day, organization is a must. CHECK 3. Casting for jobs, but only ones that will fit you RL schedule, never try out if you know you can not make all the rehearsals and shows. Always be early, and be prepared, and READ the notices completely, ask questions if unsure. Say hello to everyone by name, try to be friend them, if you can, see what they are wearing, visit the stores for new and unique clothes. CHECK 4. Join modeling groups that will let you send notices, work on your blog, sent notices telling everyone what you are styling, work with designers, do blogs for them, even if it is for free, and advertise, advertise, advertise. 5. Now casting is easier, you have confidence in yourself, people know your name, they want YOU in there shows, and voila!, you are a Super Model!......just like I want to be. Congratulations Winners! Dark Brothers Band rocked it! I completely enjoyed this was a complete surpise and an added bonus for all of us. Thankyou CWS...for a great night and a unforgettable experience! The night didnt end there for me. I had a hot date with my most loyal fan, best beautiful husband Jetter. I loved the dress that I wore for the first intermission that I could not take it off. Jetter didnt oppose either!! We danced the night away. A perfect ending to a perfect night!

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